Contributing Data to the Hub

Instructions for Contributing

Data Publication Indicator System

All data submitted to the website is flagged based on the data’s current state of publication.

Data discussion

Data are open for community discussion through the Github Projects and Issues. All discussions will be tagged so they can be seen by the review teams and the broader community.


The COVID-19 Molecular Structure and Therapeutics Hub gladly accepts any of the types of data hosted on the website (and others if you propose a schema). Simply open a Pull Request on the Github repository with the data you wish to submit following the Schema in each of the /data/{TYPE}/ files. Data is submitted as YAML files into the /data/{TYPE}/ directory.

A new YAML file should be created for every new piece of data. Upon opening the pull request, submitted files will be automatically validated against the appropriate schemas. If a failure occurs during validation, please check the logs to determine the cause of the failure.

This structure is subject to change, but all changes will be made by a maintainer and the instructions updated accordingly.

Contributing large files (disk space) and large datasets (number of entries)

If you have data such as multi-GB trajectories, million entry AI training molecules, or other “large” data not suitable for manual entry or storage on GitHub there are two options.

Data Curation Teams

The Hub is actively looking for people willing to help curate and review data as it comes in. Specifically, we need people willing to contribute some time to look over submissions in the each of the major categories:

Duties are to look over data and give an assessment as to relative usefulness in expanding research into the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The discussions are meant to happen on the issues on the GitHub Issue Tracker and grouped by tags. These reviews differ from a standard journal publication review in a few ways: The reviews are not blinded nor double blinded, the reviews and discussions are held in a public space, data do not have to be supported by written publication. However, the review process itself helps reinforce that data coming into the site from the community has been approved by that same community is hopes to serve.

Please contact a site maintainer if you are willing to help contribute your expertise to helping on one of the review teams!

Contributing Non-Scientific Efforts and Website Changes

The Hub is more than just the data: its a community driven website and all the resources needed to power that as well. If you have suggestions or comments about the website design and how to make it better, let us know on the Github repository where the data from this website is pulled from!

Are you an expert in Hugo, Static Web pages, or UX and want to help make this site better? Reach out to us, ping the GitHub. We’d love feed back on how we can make this Hub a better experience for its visitors.